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Discount Cross Drilled Rotor, Slotted Rotor, Cross Drilled Rotors and Slotted Rotors
for most major vehicles.
Performance Brake Rotors at discount prices!

SP Performance Rotors


Why choose SP Performance® Rotors?
Here's a few reasons ....

- All SP Performance® Rotors are 'direct-fit' bolt-on units.
No modification to the OEM braking system is required.

- All base rotors are high-carbon, long-grain cast-iron 
units produced in either North America or Italy.
They are the highest quality components available.

- Application specific CAD/CAM programming ensures
proper machining for best looks, fit, and rotor integrity.

- Every rotor double-checked for runout at the factory to
guarantee first-time, no-hassle installation.

- Widest variety of Applications, Designs and Styles
of any major Performance Rotor Manufacturer.

- Rotors are available Plain or Nickel-plated -
saving you money or enhancing the looks-  Your Choice!


- Just-in-time manufacturing means
  you get the FRESHEST rotors available
  in just a few days!

Want to know more?
Keep reading ....

Affordable Bolt-On

SP PERFORMANCE offers a high quality line of performance brake rotors available as Cross-Drilled, Slotted or Cross-Drilled and Slotted, designed to improve the braking system through “bolt-on" methods. Advanced race car technology that can be easily installed without any extensive modifications. An inexpensive way of improving performance, reliability, safety, and looks.

our methodic processing begins by selecting only the finest aftermarket or OEM rotors. Each individual rotor structure is carefully studied and analyzed and an application specific pattern is determined utilizing the latest CAD design techniques. The rotors are then precision machined to within strict tolerances using CNC machines, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

The constant heating and cooling of the brake rotor can cause heat checking. The sharp edges on the hole or countersink creates a stress point, increasing the possibility of a crack formation.

SP Drilled and Slotted Rotors are a unique design offering the best combination of cooling and out-gassing.   In fact, our design is so unique we would like to go over some of the details. The first thing we will point out on the drilled rotor is the chamfer. Unlike our competition there is no edge on our chamfer. This is accomplished by the use of an outer radius curve rather than a countersink. With the radius curve, or "Sinusoid Curve", it virtually eliminates an edge on the surface of the hole. With no edge, there is less stress build up, thus reducing the chance of surface checking. This smooth surface also makes the rotor more pad friendly by reducing the wear of the pad caused by the friction scraping against a sharp edge.

With SP Performance Slotted rotors, you will feel the difference.
Its series of slots wipe the surface of the rotor forcing the gases to expel through the slots. The slots also greatly improve wet weather braking by preventing hydroplaning between the pad and rotor.
The slots on SP Performance rotors are machined to the minimum thickness. This is done to insure that the rotor strength is not compromised, keeping safety and reliability in mind for virtually all automotive cars and trucks.
This is a bolt-on, hassle free way to greatly improve your stopping performance

Straight Drilled Hole ------------------->
A high stress and heat build up area forms at the intersection of the rotor and drilled edge. 

Countersunk Hole ----------------------->
Countersinking increases the external surface area of the hole, thus reducing heat, but still contains edges prone to stress and heat build up.

Radius Hole -------------------------------->

The Radius Chamfer increases the hole cooling area thus reducing heat, but still contains sharp edges.

SP *Sinusoidal Curved Chamfered  Hole  ----------------------->

Absolutely no sharp edges. The smooth design promotes cooling and minimizes stress, reducing the possibility of heat checking while increasing both rotor and pad life.    

*The Sinus-Curve is an example of a design inspired by mathematical principles. SP Performance brings you this unique product in which geometry and art are united to provide the ultimate in performance and style.

Advantages of the SP Performance Rotors:

  *         Maximum air circulation for increased cooling
  *         Increased brake pad bite
  *         Faster release of brake pad gases
  *         Improved wet weather braking
  *         Reduced fade
  *         Increased Safety and Reliability
  *         Runs Cool......  Looks Cool!

The brake system on a car or truck works by converting kinetic energy into heat energy. The friction between the brake pads and rotor creates heat, but when brakes get too hot bad things can happen.  The most dangerous thing about hot brakes is the decrease in braking power known as “brake fade”.
    However, heat is a normal product of the braking system. The problem is, too much heat, for every increase of 100 degrees over the normal operating temperature, brake wear doubles.  The longer brakes stay at high temperatures, the more wear they experience. Also, at high braking temperatures, a gas is expelled by the brake pads, (known as "out-gassing"), which forms a barrier between the pad and rotor. The out-gassing effectively pushes the pad away from the rotor reducing brake efficiency.
  SP Performance rotors provide the best solution by considerably decreasing brake temperatures and increasing brake pad to rotor contact by effectively reducing brake pad out  gassing.

Application(s):  Street or Race use
Slotted Only 
We recommend slotted only rotors in any extreme service application.  These would include racing, autocross, larger trucks and SUV's, and vehicles that exhibit chronic brake problems.

The nature of the slotted only rotor gives the greatest amount of braking surface, helps keep the pads clean, and increases initial brake 'bite'.

Note: Due to the nature of slotted rotors- a slight hum may be evident under heavy braking.

Application(s):  Street Performance
Cross Drilled Only 

Recommended for street applications.  Because of the SP inverted radius chamfer - and without the slotting - these rotors will allow for greater cooling than stock rotors.

Application(s):  Street Performance
Cross Drilled & Slotted 

Recommended for street performance applications.  Because of the SP inverted radius chamfer - and with the slotting - these rotors will allow for greater cooling than stock rotors.  Slotting privides additional brake 'bite'.
Application(s):  Street Performance
Diamond Slotted

Recommended for street performance applications.  Slotted rotors with a unique diamond etching pattern.
Slotting provides increased brake 'bite' and helps keep pads clean. 
Diamond etching gives the effect of Cross-Drilled without any danger of cracking.


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