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Unbiased testimonials from customers who have installed
and used some of the best performance brake parts
available anywhere on the planet:

"Thank you for your help with my brakes. I dont know how I lived with out them.
My LuminaZ34 never stopped better in its life. Thanks again." - Mike W.

"... just wanted to let you know that your webpage is very informative..
its refreshing to find a company that actually publishes accurate information
based on facts and technical analyis rather then sales and marketing material!"
- Will C.

"SP Performance Rotors and Hawk Pads ROCK!
Hi Guys, First I have to say your customer service is EXCELLENT. 
I've called other places and asked questions and was treated like I was
some stupid woman who had no idea how to care for a car. 
That wasn't the case when I called you.  I was treated with the utmost respect
and my questions were answered.  I really appreciate that.  
My brake pads and rotors arrived within three business days. 
I had a local shop install my SP Performance Rotors with the Hawk Pads last Thursday. (I did ask that they follow the directions as you suggested)  
They look so cool on my car and the functionality is amazing! 
I'm really glad I ordered from you and will continue to
be a Raceshopper.com customer."
- Joy, Marlboro, N.Y.

"Great job ... I placed my order with you yesterday and received my ATE Brake fluid today! Thanks for your prompt service. Ilook forward to doing business with you in the future."  Doug G.

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that your customer service
was outstanding. Lately I have felt as if customer service was dead, you have brought to my attention that there are still good people out there and I will
continue to do business with you from here on out....." - Chris S.

"Thank you, ended up getting them elsewhere where they were listed,
paid more, oh well." - L.J.M

"... just got the rotors and pads! I'm amazed they arrived so quickly considering
the order date and time of year.  As has been the case in the past, I'm again very pleased with you and your coworkers' quick service. Best wishes for the holidays"
- Doug K.

"Thanks for the great service and products.  I had 4 sets of brake rotors and pads installed in my 1998 Honda Accord before I contacted RACEShopper.  
My wike's Honda is not a race car.  All I wanted was a set of brake rotors
and pads that would not pulsate after 2,000 miles.  You suggested a great set of Hawk pads and SP performance cross drilled and slotted rotors. 
I have been pulsation free for more than 40,000 miles since with no brake fade. 
I just ordered a set for my Maxima and I expect to see the same results. 
Thanks again." 
J.S.- Chelmsford, MA.

"It was great speaking with you on the phone today!
I can't wait to replace the A**** pads  on my 1999 Z3 coupe 2.8.
I've used a lot of pads in the time I've been doing track events,
and they are the WORST I've used... I failed one tech inspection when
they were brand  new b/c they have almost no pad material! 
After using them up in a weekend and 1/2, I actually switched back to
the stock pad on the car - and they performed better! 
Thanks for providing Hawk's at reasonable prices.
  I look forward to continuing business with you." - J.A.

"Got it, installed it, works great, thanks for the fast delivery and great product!
Thank you."  -H.B.

"As promised I will get back to you with a report on these brake pads and rotors... 
So here we are, after approx 1000 miles of driving with the Cross-drilled and Slotted rotors and Hawk Pads; the car stops great, not as sensitive as I expected, which maybe a good thing in some cases, but never the less they bring the TL-S to a stop when I need to....   No complaints at this time,
so far I am VERY SATISFIED with the outcome of this.
Feel free to refer any clients with questions to my email, I will be happy to answer any of their questions...Thanks for your help with my braking needs." -P.Y.

"...I've got the brakes and they look great.
Thanks for your help and appreciate the high level of service.
Thanks again." -Cy

"The front and rear rotors and pads went on without a problem, I painted
them and all, they look sharp. Thanks a lot for your help. I have 2 friends
that are going to be ordering the same parts but for different cars from
Thanks again..." - I.C.

"Mahalo ...! Thank you for all your help!" - T.M.

"Thank you.
I very much appreciate the excellent customer support from your company.
I will definitely do business with you going forward." -K.

"I received the brakes Thursday afternoon.  Thanks for the quick service.
I'll be calling you going forward.
Take Care." -D.B.

"Just a note to tell you the Hawk pads perform "as advertised," the STS stops
better than it ever has. Thanks for the help. A once and future customer"
- J.B.

"...the brakes worked better than expected.  Thanks for doing whatever you
did to get the stuff to me before I went to Watkins Glen this past weekend.
The pads for the Porsche worked great after they got bedded in.
The Nissan brake pads and new rotor combo was awesome.
They never even hinted at fading and were so much more powerful
than the stock brakes it was great. Thanks Again." - Steve H.


"Thanks.  The Hawk HPS pads are working great on the 300M.
    I have run them in dry and wet conditions. No squeaking, squealing or issues."
- Matt S.

"I just thought I would let you know I am very impressed with the service I received from you, particuarly as I ordered from the UK. Delivery was very quick & the technical help I received before ordereing was first rate!"
-Simon  U.K

"Hello ....,  Thanks for your help and thank your crew for building
my beautiful brake and clutch hoses.
They worked perfectly and look great on my WildOneChubby 20" apes.....
Thanks again to all, I'll be sure and tell em' where the hoses came from!"
Chet, PA.

"Well I have had my new rotors and pads and fluid for 1 full day,
and I LOVE my new brakes.
The person that put them on said not to run my brakes real hard
for about 500 miles. He did the bedding in for me the way your
instructions called for and said they were very good quality rotors and pads.
The guys where I work want some for their cars.
One will be a Infinity G35, and the other a 2000 Corvette.
Everybody thinks there so cool looking and want me to take them for rides
and nail the brakes because they have all been in my car before and want to
see how fast I can stop, but I won't until they brake in.
Where all of us used to go from 0-75 now it will be from 60-0,
I am sure that will happen once. Just wanted to say thank's again for your
help, and if I have a problem or just need more brake stuff I will let you know.
Thank's again."
- Douglas M.

"Dear RACEShopper Team,
I would like to thank you for your handling of my recent order.
  Your efforts to ship the package quicky to me allowed me to complete my
project on time.  This shows a dedication to customer satisfaction that I have
found to be very rare in many suppliers that I have come in conatct with. 
The helpfulness of the staff and responsivenss to issues was excellent. 
In the future, RACEShopper.com will be one of the first palces
to look for brake components.
Thanks Again."

"Hi Guy's, WOW that was quick,thank's ever so much.
If in future I need something for my rucks' braking system,
I will not hesitate to purchase from you again.
You are added to my favorites. Cheer's"

"Thanks a lot for your great service and your SUPER FAST shipping.
You guys will hear from me more often.

Thanks again and have a great day!"

"I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for my future needs in
any kind of brake performance products.
The speed, price, and knowledge is unmatched.
When everyone in my area was dead out of slotted OE size
rotors for the Evo, it wasn't a problem for you guys.
My new brakes work absolutely fantastic.
100% chance of my repeat business and referral to anyone of my
friends' brake needs, from casual enthusiast or performance junkie."

"Your site is the best internet customer service and car knowledge I have
ever experienced! I would definitely recommend this site to my friends.
Best Regards." - Justin M.

"Just got everything this afternoon.  Thanks a bunch. 
You guys have greatproducts at great prices and deliver promptly. 
Can't ask for more!" - Regards, S.

"Thanks, you really have great service to go along with your great prices.
A Happy Customer." - Bob

"I bought these pads from you in January 2005, previously.
They have performed VERY WELL!" - Michael

"Hi Mr. Robinson   I take the pads today.
It was good package and so quickly shipping.  Thank you for your job.
when I need the pads, I will choice RACEShopper again." - H.J. Lee

"My order arrived in very good shape and packed extremely well too, I must
add!  I have ordered rotors from other vendors only to receive them after
shipping with the outside carton all mutilated.  Count on my business again
when I perform a brake overhaul on my other vehicles." - J.B.

"Many thanks, will order again soon!"  - Ed
"I just wanted to say thankyou for sending the brakes out so soon and being understanding over the phone when I needed to know how the shipping was going.  I am very happy with the front brakes I recieved and will be purchasing rear brakes with in the month.  Thanks again." - R.B.

"I'm ordering from you guys just because of your awesome email response."
- Danny

"thanks you guys are great... hope to do more buisness with you guys.. " - I.J.

"hey guys just want to let you know that these rotors look great on my jimmy work great to.great job" -  Kevin, B.C .Canada.

"Thanks...you guys are great!  Excellent service!
Regards" - R.C.

"Hello, I would like to congratulate you for the very fast and very satisfaying
business I had with your company.
I received the pads today and I never thought it would arrive so fast.
Thanx et "bonne continuation a vous"! ;-)  Bye!" - S.K.  - France

"Looks like it is on the truck for delivery.
Thanks again for your help and for making the delivery quick.
I'll be going straight to your website next time." - M.W.

"Thank you, It's nice talking to a company that know what they are talking about."

"Just some feedback on the HT10's I bought for my racing miata turbo from
you guys....they are AWESOME!!! Gone from 2-4th sort of postions to
fastest car on the track...no-one could believe how late I was braking,
or that they didn't fade....car was faster round circuit than Mitsu
Evo8!! Hawk pads are THE GEAR!!"
T.S. - Victoria, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipment and the great customer service.  Order taken yesterday and brake pads delivered today.
RACEShopper is now on my preferred Vendor List." - R.C.

"I cannot speak highly enough of your service & commitment to your customers. Even though i'm "across the pond" so to speak, your service & support makes it feel like you are local to me......I get speedier, friendly service from you on the other side of the world, far exceeding those suppliers in my own backyard!
My praise also extends to the Hawk Product itself, I have not found anything at the same price/performance as the racing Hawk pads, and even removing the price part of the equation, Hawk pads still come up trumps in my experience (versus pagid, ebc, ferodo, bendix, endless) in terms of life, pedal progression & disc life.
An EXCELLENT product!  I'm more than happy for my praise to be quoted!"

-Tyrone, Melbourne, Australia

"Team,  Thanks for your outstanding customer service.
You stated I would receive my pads separate from my rotors however, I received the entire order the same day, three days after my order was placed. The product looks and performs outstanding. My rotors and pads perform far better than factory equipment. My '04 Ram is braking so much better.
-Michael - Radcliff, KY

"Hi, I got my order today, everything looks great, thanks guys for the
great price and service. I'll be braking this stuff in in a couple of
weeks out at Miller Motorsports Park!!!"
-Darin - Salt Lake City, UT

"I just finished doing the third set of brakes and rotors I have ordered from
you. The quality of your products is excellent, the shipping is fast, and
there haven't been any problems with wrong parts, etc. I'm a very satisfied
customer and will continue to recommend you to others."
- Dave L - Reading, MA

"I would just like to let you know that I got my pads last week and the
rotors showed up today. I would also just like to thank you for all the help
that you gave to me in ordering my parts. I well be returning for
my future needs in braking parts and have suggested every one I know
to get a hold of you for their brake parts also. Thanks again."
- Jeremiah - Iowa City, IA

"Wow you're quick! I'm still not done shopping!
Just sent you a quote request on some rotors as well..
I'll call you tomorrow morning to place my order."
- Mike - Milford, CT

"WOW !!!!
Thanks for the great 10 minute shipping turn around !!!  and the good price...
Pleasure doing business with you !!!!"
- Terence - E. Dummerston, VT

"Thank you. These have been a pain to find in stock.
I appreciate you guys being there for the customer. "
- Ralph - Pittsboro, NC

I raced my car with the new rotors.  I won on Sat and Sun.
Best brakes the car ever had. 
Qualified on the pole Sat and Started last on Sunday due to not
qualifying the car.  I did most of my passing on Sunday under the brakes 
Rotors showed no signs of any heat checking or cracking.
Thanks for recommending this product and the Hawk DTC 70 compound."

- Cash - Aiken, SC

"...I cannot speak highly enough of the DTC70 pads..
the HT10's were good, but the DTC's are in another league again,
especially for modulation and low temp/high temp consistency of friction."
T.S. - Victoria, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that got the parts and
they have been installed on both my 2006 Dodge Magnum
and my wife's 2002 Isuzu Trooper.
Love the way they are working and are making a big difference
in the braking/stopping of my two vehicles.
Thanks for all your help and advice regarding these parts. 
And thanks for the t-shirt and stickers.  Wearing the t-shirt proudly!!
Take care and talk with you guys soon...."
Dan K - Gulf Breeze, FL

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